PASSED CISSP exam - Study Plan inside!

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I finally received a pass result from (ISC)2 after 6+ weeks of waiting! I know they're busy so no biggie. This was my first attempt...

Materials used

Shon Harris All In One 5th Ed. and questions from the cd in the book
CISSP Books By Shon Harris | Shon Harris Student Workbook and CISSP book |Security Certified Network Professional Books by Shon Harris

Shon Harris CBT series
CISSP Certification Training, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, Information Security Training, Security Governance

CISSP for Dummies 3rd Ed.
CISSP For Dummies, 3rd Edition:Book Information - For Dummies Quizzer (paid membership)
About 2000 questions used

studISCope - Official (ISC)²® CBK® self assessments
Paid for the 300 questions (3 exams), took each exam 2x

Carnegie Mellon CERT Video training (dry but free, barley watched it)

Time Spent

Since I’m in Afghanistan I have a little bit more time than most. I studied at work and at home.

2-3 hours per day, every day for 6 months (had to take exam on vacation)

Studied 1 domain at a time; Watched Shon Harris CBT on Access Control

Read Shon Harris AIO chapter on Access Control

Shon Harris practice questions on Access Control

Read CISSP for Dummies on Access Control questions on Access Control (about 200 per domain)

Repeated process for all domains

Took studISCope exams every Friday for 6 weeks prior to exam.

This might seem like over-kill but it worked!!! Thanks to the members of this forum for their great advice and insight.

Date of Exam: 11/6/2010
Place of Exam: Kansas City, MO
Results Received: 12/20/2010
Results of Exam: Passed (1st attempt)
Certified: 01 FEB 2011



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