looking to start back up ccna

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i started studying for the ccna a year ago and mid way through ccent part of the cisco press books i decided to take a break and i completely forgot everything. So now i want to start studying again for the ccna.
I have a few questions about setting up a home lab
right now i have 1x2950 switch and 2x2501 routers. Unfortunately the 2 routers don't have maxed out memory so i will have to upgrade them
What other equipment do you guys recommend that i buy?
i was thinking about buying 2x2610xm routers with 128/32 memory.
What cards should i buy for them. Should i get wic-1t or wic-2t or WIC-1DSU-T1 DSU/CSU? how many of them should i get?
also what cables do i need to buy?
Do i need to get a router for frame relay?(which router would be good for this?)


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    also what do you guys think about 1721 routers? Also what's a good price to buy a 2610xm
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    I would add a 2600XM router with a couple WIC-1T modules and a second 2950 switch (two if you can afford it). It's up to you if you want 1 Ethernet port or two on the router, all my routers have 1 and I'm fine. Besides the number of Ethernet ports, it doesnt really matter which model you go with. For cables, you'll want 3 of these, a few cat5 cables, and a few cat5 crossover cables. The 2600XM or the 2501 routers that you already have can act as a Frame Relay switch, so you're good there.
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    what's a good price for a used 2600xm?
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