Passed CISSP on the 20th of Nov!

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First post and immediately good news! I passed the cissp exam on the first try :))) Wait time for the result email was 33 calendar days.

Here is my list of study:

1. JDMurray post on TechExams: The CISSP Certification Experience: My Study Plan | Blogs
2. Official ISC2 Guide to CISSP v.2008 + practice exams (the worst resource)
3. AIO v.2010 x twice + practice exams
4. CISSP DVD by Shon Harris (the best resource)
5. Logical security practice exam software questions x twice

I timed all my practice exams, as was suggested on this forum. That perpared me nicely for the exam day. I can recommend timing the practice exams especially if English is not your native language.

Shon Harris DVD was pretty good, and was easy to listen hours on end. I even listened to the DVD at the gym ^^

My deepest gratitude to the contributors on my study list!



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