How long did you spend studying?

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So, I've been studying the All-In-One CISSP for about a month and am about to broaden my study horizons with some videos and practice tests... But I was wondering how long some of you guys (or gals) spent studying for the CISSP.
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    I studied for 7 weeks about 2 hours a day during week and 4 hours a day on the weekend. The last week before the exam I did study about 5 hours after work and a full 8 hour day one day.

    However I don't know my exam results yet :) and I rolled into this studying right from CEH/CCENT

    I would have studied more, but I ended up scheduling the exam one day to motivate me....and I couldn't reschedule.
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    I participated in a live online review course two nights a week for a couple of hours each night from July to September and then studied for a few hours a day for about a month before taking the exam.

    I can honestly say that I could've studied more, but with a full-time job, two kids and my exam being in the middle of hunting season I didn't put forth my best effort.

    I felt ok with my score based on how much effort I did put into it. It just goes to show you that your effort does = your score.
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