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A few random thoughts after completing the class this week.

- class was administered by Global Knowledge. I was really impressed with our instructor. The class was a bit "high level" since we had to review the 10 domains in 5 days (note: there is no test administered after the class).

- majority of the people in the class were in the same GSEC/GCIH classes I took last year. Just a few "newbies".

- besides the GK slides, we received the Shon Harris book (I've decided once I've passed the test, I will use that book to defend myself in the event of a zombie uprising!), a voucher for the Transcender CISSP practice exam, and a voucher for the test.

- I'm going to schedule the test in the next few days. I'm targeting a test date in March. The next one in my state won't be until July, and I'm afraid if I wait till July I will loose all focus.

- I took another practice test at the start of this weeks class. Again I hit 65% - same as a different practice test I took about 3 or so weeks ago.

- I will be using the Shon Harris book to go over "weak" areas for me, as well as the Transcender practice exams. I have signed up over at so that will be another resource for me.

- right now I'm going to go to dinner with my wife tonight, drink a beer (or three), watch "Sneakers" and not think about the CISSP until tomorrow or Monday.
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    sabooher wrote: »
    If I hadn't studied the material on my own for 8 weeks after the class I am sure I would have failed. I don't think the class covers enough material...
    This is actually quite a common observation. I just had a look at the CEH and CHFI classes offered by another national training provider very similar to GK, and the classes only covered one-third of the domains in each certification. There's just too much material to cover in too little time to keep the classes at a reasonable cost. There's (almost) too much prep time required by the instructors to make a good CISSP (or CEH) college-level prep class. There's really enough material in the CISSP for two, 16-week semester classes.
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    We were told by the instructor that the class was pretty much a high level overview, and it (the class) would be quite a bit longer if we delved more deeply in to each of the 10 domains. I agree with what Sabooher said, if the class was any longer my brain would have melted.

    And just to clarify, I'm not relying on just the class. My studying starts today and pretty much will be studying daily for the next 7 weeks or so.
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    I agree. I'm currently attending a class right now. And two weeks isn't enough time to completely soak in and understand the 10 domains.

    Honestly, the organization probably could've saved money but not time if they just gave you guys an hour to hour and a half to watch CBTs and discuss in group every day.

    But I understand for a lot of companies time is of the essence.
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