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I got a call from a recruiter today who was looking to fill a Jr. Network Engineer position. He liked all my qualifications and asked if I would be open to obtaining a CISSP certification within 6 months of starting.

I'm not sure about a couple of things. I know the CISSP requires 5 years of experience within the 10 domains. I *think* my past work exp. will squeek by, but I'm not positive.

So, assuming my present experience didn't cut it, what does passing the exam alone do for you? Could I still take this job if I pass the exam within 6 months? Or do you think I would need the experience to meet what they are asking for?

I'm just not sure how to interpret the requirement, and the recruiter was no expert on certifications.
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    The Associate of (ISC)² for CISSP still meets DoDD 8570 IAT III, and IAM III requirements.

    Depending on your employer that might be all they are after. It really helps them with bids on new projects having people fully 8570 compliant.
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    That's what I was hoping to hear. I read about the associate designation but wasn't sure what that qualified you for. They also asked if I would be open to being sponsored for a top secret clearance. I was thinking.....uh hell yes?! So well see. I just sent them my resume this evening.
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