router trouble help please

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I have a router that has trouble with the internet during certain times of day.
this router seems fine sometimes but is maybe the peak ussage that will cause the lock up. Do you think that the metric need adjustment for the bandwidth?
this is a cisco router for the nearby town government. I tried show ip traffic but do not see an clues their.

it does look as though the ACL is in need of a clean up and re write.

I just got my CCNA and am pretty green out in the field.

any suggestion as to what area to look


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    get on the router when it's having issues and check it's CPU usage. If it's maxing out, that could potentially be causing the issue. if that's the case, the only thing you can really do is rate limit the traffic so it doesn't get to that point (and that will effect network performance) or upgrade the gear. This is assuming that all the traffic is legit. If it's something stupid like peer to peer traffic of illegal file transfers causing it, then you need to identify which users are doing that and have a little chat with them.
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    I just looked at Show ? on my GNS3 lab, I see (show c3600 information)

    but I do not see any cpu usage command

    I asked him to send me the running config and I have not recived that yet so I do not even know the model router or the IOS version.
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    Try sh processes cpu

    Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization on Cisco Routers - Cisco Systems

    Just note you will need to issue that command near the time the router is unhappy.. unless you implement some of NMS software..

    Maybe this would help after configuring SNMP on the device
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    I just tried this one on my GNS3 3600 IOS, That is a realy good command
    thank you, and thank you for the high cpu usage link.
    I will report back what we find.
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    Hi the guy just sent me a copy of the processes cpu command results it says only 1% usage. I re-emailed him to see if that is under load. I do not see how 1% is even at idle is a cisco router that efficient. He also sent me the running config, It is very big, the access list is huge, much larger than I am used to seeing.
    I tried to load it into GNS3 an much of it would not load, as in command line errors.
    can I post it here for evaluation?

    if yes and you spot the error right off could you please not just say whats wrong right out, so us newer guys could get some practical Tshoot expierence

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    Large ACL will sure enough hang your CPU on router since it has to be processed by the processor. What type of router is it? What's the size of the circuit?
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