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I was a die hard fan of windows mobile up until yesterday when I upgraded my TYTN II for a Desire, so now I use Android instead of Windows mobile, seems to be a huge amount of games and apps for it so why would I flash it with a W7 ROM, exactly I am not!!!!

So exactly how popular IS Windows mobile 7

Blackberry's are used in a huge amount of companies so Its hard to figure out which is more popular?

Your opinion please



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    I traded in my iPhone for a Samsung Focus running WP7. I had initially planned on getting an android phone but I just didn't like anything that AT&T had to offer.

    As to popular, I think the last stats I saw were that MS sole ~2 Million phones. I expect them to buy their way into the market similar to they way they bought their way into the video game console market.

    Below are the pro's and cons that immediately come to mind based on how I use my phone

    The OS is extremely fast and extremely smooth.

    Once you get used to the tiles, they work well.

    Very good call quality

    Virtual keyboard is better (in my opinion) than the one on the iPhone.

    I like the Zune software much better than I do iTunes. I hate iTunes. I also like the $14.99 zune pass option.

    Microsoft seems to be at least somewhat willing to work with Homebrew developers

    Super Amoled screen is just plain awesome.

    Excellent facebook integration if your into that kind of thing. I rarely use it.

    Wireless music sync

    Reg Hack lets you treat the phone like a USB drive for file transfer

    Very nice integration with windows live. Possibly too integrated as I cannot choose which contacts to automatically syncs all of them.

    No customizable ring tones yet. Possibly coming in a future patch.

    All ringers seem very quiet, even at max volume. I rarely hear my phone when it rings if its in pocket. I usually keep it on my desk for that reason.

    No Skype or other VOIP app yet due to MS not allowing access to sockets

    Case selection is very limited. No Otterbox to protect my phone icon_sad.gif

    Phone seems "cheap." Yea, I know its carbon fiber but it feels like plastic.

    No direct sync with outlook. You need to use the connector.

    No unified mailbox

    Cannot connect via wifi to hidden SSIDs
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