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i need some TE help...

the wifey is a teacher, and had to film herself teaching for a work project....

she filmed it on a flip video which put it out on a .mp4

I need to make that into a DVD that can be played in any dvd player, with no additions whatsoever...

just pop the dvd and watch the 15 minutes of her teaching... no intro, no credits, no music, etc...

is there a free software that will do that? the ones I have tried all add some kind of music or intro screen or "this was made by.." etc...
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    FFmpeg should be able to do the conversion to VOB. You'll have to search around for precompiled binaries if you're not able to or don't want to compile it yourself. Its a command line tool and there are GUIs available but its fairly easy to use and very powerful for conversion.

    For the IFO file you're going to need something else to create that. If you've got any DVD burner software then it may support creation of the necessary IFO files. If not then you're going to need to get something like IFOedit and work out how to use it.

    A lot of these commercial tools that you see advertised everywhere are just a thin GUI over FFmpeg and something else.
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    check dvd flick. can convert many formats into dvd format with/with out a menu.
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    thanks, so far I found this to be prett good:

    MP4 to DVD Converter - Convert and burn MP4 Video to DVD
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