Earthquake in Christchurch - New Zealand

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I'm starting this thread as a one-stop shop to reply to people from TE who sent PM's asking if I am ok.

Many thanks guys, much appreciated. icon_thumright.gif

Just to bring everyone up to speed on Saturday 4th September 2010 here in Christchurch we were struck by a massive earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. After that we've had 4500 aftershocks but on Tuesday this week at 12.51pm we had another massive quake centered very close to the CBD of Christchurch and only 5 meters under the ground. This quake has destroyed many of the buildings in the CBD and many lives have been lost, thousands are injured and many are still missing trapped inside collapsed buildings.

We have search and rescue teams from around the world here helping in the desparate search for survivors in the collapsed buildings.

The damage from the two big quakes is in the region of $15 billion dollars making it (in insurance terms) one of the most expensive natural disasters in history.

I've been through and survived two massive quakes now and am in awe of how savage and violent Mother Nature can be.
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