Anyone using Firefox 4 yet?

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Playing with it tonight, and it does seem to be a lot faster than older versions.


  • sambuca69sambuca69 Member Posts: 262
    i like the shortcut tabbing you can do. so far, i like it
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    Bokeh wrote: »
    Playing with it tonight, and it does seem to be a lot faster than older versions.
    You have lots of extensions and add-ons?

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    It's probably the only time I use Firefox now, for Firebug and other web-development related tools. Haven't updated yet myself, but didn't know if the benchmarks actually hold any weight.

    Honestly though - It doesn't seem to be the speed thats holding me back from any of them, but compatibility issues still. Different webapps/portals I use at the office definitely work better in either Chrome or Firefox, but not too many seem to do both equally well.
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    Works fine. I've been using it since early beta and I've not had any problems with it. The status bar went completely missing initially but they eventually added back in the little popup which shows everything I need anyway.

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    yes. been using since beta. its really nice in comparision.
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    Yes. started testing since early alpha/beta. With RC1 I finally uninstalled 3.6 since my add-ons were fully supported. Saved bandwidth and stuck with RC2 since nothing changed. The downside I've been using it so long, there was no excitement factor. I should resist the urge to test Firefox 5 later this year :)
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    I've been using it for some time now since beta, It's good I like it however I still prefer Chrome.
  • dalesdales Member Posts: 225
    Yes it certainly seems abit faster although its not compatible with the current delicous bookmark add-on (not mozilla's fault) Most importantly my doctor who themed toolbars still work so I'm happy with it.
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