new topic ladies and gentelmen: Computer technologies and future of humanity

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hello ladies and gentelmen

What you think about technology jumps with speed of light, and we as humans are moving very slow. What future relationship between technology and us human. will be become a slaves or masters of technology?

all feedback appreciated.

thank again for your time.
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    This is likely to be a contentious topic, as it can easily touch on various extreme topics.

    My personal belief is that we have been merging with our technology for some time. This trend will continue, until humanity and technology are indistinguishable. This trend is accelerating. I am a strong believer in transhumanism.

    There will however, always be people who choose limits, or choose to not integrate at all with technology. It could be said that those people are already rare

    There will also be wars fought over this, and it could be said that the War on Terror was the first of those wars, given that it is largely a war between one side that is technologically superior, and generally wants to promote technology, and another side that is technologically inferior, and generally wants to roll back progress to the middle ages and freeze new advances.

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    MS thank you for your quick replay.

    Submerging humainity and technology is trade-off. It always was and it will continue.
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    Technology is a tool, used by humans to further their will. The interesting thing about technology is that it allows humans to do things they previously only experienced in their thoughts. As technology matures, we get a clearer picture of what humans desire. This is good in the areas of medicine, commerce, construction etc. It scares me to think what will be possible with future technology in regards to warfare, cyber crime and similar areas where the bad guys will be able to quickly and efficiently carry out their tasks.
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