Tech Podcast Without the Fluff.. ?

sthompson86sthompson86 Member Posts: 370
Good morning all, I have recently started listening to Pod Cast again, mainly racing podcast.

I am on a search to find a tech podcast that does not constantly talk about cell phones ( iphone/ipod/cell phone news/android) or sit around and just shoot the breeze about random junk and end user trends.

I tried the TWIC series.. and they are basically everything I mentioned above.( Horrible) I tried a few others also like ( Network Security Pod Cast ), but I get sick of the group pow wow of just random talk.

I used to listen to Pod Nutz, but I am looking for something a bit more indepth and not so much based on client side support.

I really want the something that is nothing but the facts. Ha maybe I need to get a tech newspaper instead.icon_study.gif

Thanks in adv.
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