Need help updating BIOS

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Hey guys/gals,

Wondering if someone could help with this. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate on my machine. When trying to update the BIOS through Windows it says I have to do it in 'Pure Dos Mode'. I've tried running it in safe mode w/ command prompt with the same message. Does a Windows 7 Boot disk exist that would help me do this or another utility?


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    If it says it's for DOS, you have to use DOS, not Windows
    Check with the motherboard manufacturer, they may have a Windows utility to do the BIOS flash. Also, some motherboards have a utility built in that can get the new BIOS from a USB drive and do the update. If you can't find anything like that, you can create a DOS boot disk on a floppy, if you own one. If not, you can probably use the DOS environment available on the Ultimate Boot CD.
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    Please never flash a BIOS from within the OS...I have seen several instances of a bad flash and once this happens it is very difficult to recover from a bad flash.

    The best way to flash is via a USB flash drive. Here is a link to get you started. Most modern system boards will have a BIOS update feature either at the start of POST or within the BIOS itself. If yours does not please visit the manufacture website for your system board and look for a bios flash utility (most of the time its some variant of AWDflash.exe). Here is a link to an e-how step-by-step guide on how to flash a BIOS. I would pay attention to steps 4-7 and substitute Floppy for USB Flash.

    Hope this helps, and good luck on the BIOS update. Incidentally with BIOS updates I usually follow the mantra..."If it aint broke. Don't Fix it."
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