what's the best way to get in to the industry with no experience?

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what is the best way to get in to the industry with no experience?


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    Volunteer. Keep applying for paid positions. Start working on a cert or two. Good luck!
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    Answer you will likely get from many is either volunteer or start in a help desk. Keep applying though. I still have hope alive, even though I've never even been called back for an interview!
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    I did a post a few weeks back over a beer people seem to like. I think I really should write this out into a formal blog post. Well anyway, here is a the link.

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    Demonstrate your people skills to a prospective employer -- talk yourself into a job.

    Impress someone.

    A Professor at your University/College/School may have industry contacts and recommend his superstart students for jobs while the rest of the class fights for the scraps in the school placement office.

    A friend or neighbor may hear of an opening -- and if you've impressed them with your work ethic, drive, and skills fixing their computer they may put in a word for you where they work.

    Your resume may get you the call for a phone screening, or even an interview, but it's up to you to impress your interviewers with your knowledge and skills -- and close the deal with your people skills.
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