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i'm taking the ccent exam tomarrow 822. I wanted to know was there anything on the exam on vlan, acl, eigrp, vtp, nat because the cisco press doesn't really go over it much in the 822 but does a lot in the 816


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    there is no ACLs in ICND1
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    I passed mine today and without breaking any cisco agreements i will say that you should focus on those in your later studies but get a basic understanding of PAT or Nat Overload.
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    you don't have to worry about vlan's at all and therefore you don't have to worry about vtp. Ripv2 is really the only routing protocol you need to know in depth. no acl's. You do need to understand NAT and according to the exam topic you need ot know a bit about setting it up with SDM... it's all right here
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    The best thing that helped me after doing a lot of practice tests is to read the questions carefully, and by carefully i don't mean that the exam is going to try and trick you because it's won't but what i mean by it is to make sure you understand what they are asking in the question and to pick your answers after you have carefully read them.

    Which seems obvious but keep a clear head and read carefully will really alleviate doubt about your answers and give a peace of mind through out the whole exam. Which in return allows you to pick the correct awnser icon_thumright.gif
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    no acl,eigrp,vlan,etc...

    only ripv2 and static routes
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