CISSP sponsor problem

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I live in India and am not able to find a sponsor. none of my colleagues or friends have any certification with ISC2.

Is their some way to get one.
If anyone is willing to help me out. I can show all my work experience proofs which are very genuine


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    You can contact the (ISC)2 and request that they perform the endorsement audit. That information should have been emailed to you after you passed your exam.
  • harpreetinharpreetin Posts: 2Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    any idea????
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    Read JDMurray's post above, it very clearly states how to get ISC(2) to complete the verification for you.
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    As stated above...ISC2 gives pretty good detailed step by step instructions on how to accomplish this, both in their email and the Endorsement Form.

    You are on the road to becoming a CISSP, congrats...handle the endorsement business.
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