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Any body in the South? How is everybody doing? I had a few friends down in bama who told me how bad the tornados were.


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    HypntickHypntick Member Posts: 1,451 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Memphis here, we actually got spared aside from a bit of flooding. The MS river is set to go up another 10 feet or so I hear. Got a co-worker on mud island who may have to evacuate because of it. Other than having the crap scared out of me on Tuesday night I think everyone made it out alright. We didn't have a single client go down, which is amazing in of itself.

    I feel pretty bad for those folks down in AL, saw some of the vids from the college down there. You could tell some of them were scared out of their minds watching it. Let's just hope that's the end of it for this season.
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    Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Member Posts: 4,024
    Metro Atlanta and the burbs got alot of rain and wind and some stuff flying through the air, but nothing serious last I heard.
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    wweboywweboy Member Posts: 287 ■■■□□□□□□□
    One of our offices was destroyed in Chilhowie VA. Nobody was hurt thankfully glad it happened in the middle of the night. We have over 2000 locations actually was surprised only one office was affected.
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    demonfurbiedemonfurbie Member Posts: 1,819
    alabama here

    my area is ok but like 45 min up the road ... well what was road

    i see lots of data recovery jobs in my near future
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    NOC-NinjaNOC-Ninja Member Posts: 1,403
    I heard that some servers over there are running generator.
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    ZartanasaurusZartanasaurus Member Posts: 2,008 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Several hours away from Tuscaloosa, so no damage here. We did lose internet connectivity through Charter for about 12 hours though.
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    pml1pml1 Member Posts: 147
    The big one that hit Tuscaloosa and north of Birmingham missed me by about 10-15 miles.

    Friend of mine who lives in Tuscaloosa was able to capture it on video:

    YouTube - 4/27/11 - Tuscaloosa Tornado
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    RTmarcRTmarc Member Posts: 1,082 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The one that hit Tuscaloosa missed us by a mile or so. Luckily no real damage to speak of.
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    earweedearweed Member Posts: 5,192 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I moved from that area a short while back and the small town where I used to live got hit hard. A few of my old friends there had storm damage.
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    btowntechbtowntech Member Posts: 198 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Loss of power and cell service in parts of Nothern AL caused me to visit my parents in TN. As soon as power gets restored I'll head back.
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    gosh1976gosh1976 Member Posts: 441
    I pass the forklift company on the way to work everyday and bought a Mt. Dew at the gas station on Monday that are mentioned in this story. Griffin Daily News - Residents shocked by tornado aftermath take a look at the slideshow they were demolished. Luckily I live a little further north where there wasn't any damage.
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    veritas_libertasveritas_libertas Member Posts: 5,746 ■■■■■■■■■■
    South Carolina did fine. One of our employees had to return home early do to her house getting hit by a tornado. She lives in Tennessee.
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    blargoeblargoe Member Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    North Carolina... we didn't get it too bad during this most recent round of storms, though we have had some really damaging storms this spring
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    Chivalry1Chivalry1 Member Posts: 569
    Birmingham here. The area has been devastated however I sustained no damage. Prayers goes out to all the families that are still searching for missing people in the area.
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