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I am having trouble deciding which college I should go to. From what I have read about WGU, they can have my AA transferred to part of my bachelors. I have also read the the program I was thinking about attending at EWU at BC would also have my program.

Applied Technology :: Eastern Washington University at Bellevue College

If you click on the link and go down and click on their course guide, it mainly deals with IT manager classes. Now I really want to become either a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator.

Now this is the program I was thinking about doing at WGU.

Bachelor Degree in IT Network Administration | WGU College of Information Technology Online

I hear the classes for the EWU program are taught via television. How are WGU's classes taught? By book and video? By just book? Which program would benefit me more at the end? I am trying to apply for Help Desk positions so I can get some experience in the field of IT. What do you think would be the best program for me? I really do not like the idea of having to go to class everyday and do much better learning on my own.

How do you guy's who have graduated from WGU done when being interviewed? What about hands on experience? Do you guy's build labs at home to help you study for the certifications?

Any help is needed. I would really like to do the WGU program if I can, but first I need to find out if A: is it accredited and B: If you can still get a job with a bachelors degree from an online school.

What I do not want to do: Get a degree from a non-accredited school, waste my money on classes that will have no use to me.


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    Some of the questions you asked are on the stickied post. WGU is all about self motivation. There isn't going to be anyone holding your hand throughout the process besides a course mentors who are there to answer your questions and your own mentor who checks up on you every week. It's up to you to read the books and following the course of study. WGU is about the cheapest fully accredited bachelors degree you can get. As far as interviews, I haven't finished yet, so I can't answer that question but its been asked a lot throughout these forums.
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    Woah! You go to BC? I'm on my last 6 credits of my AA in Network Administration (Phys 109 currently).

    I'm also curious to see whats better; the program at Eastern or doing it through WGU! What classes 'ya got this quarter? (This is a freaky coincidence)

    EWU is a teleconference course, meaning lecture based and the professors are all the way up in Cheney, Walla Walla, etc.

    I'm leaning towards WGU, I currently got a Helpdesk/Desktop/Server gig myself and have been finishing up my MCITP:EA. What I like the most is with certs and an AA you can go in and finish the generals and capstone, etc. courses in 1 term easily (If you are dedicated and like no social life, I'm personally aiming for 12 months)

    The thing about Eastern is its going to cost 15-17k total for a generalist degree. WGU will be 3-6k for specialized classes, certs, technical need to know, etc.
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