1st and Last Subnet ?

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I did some research, not a whole lot, primarly because I wanted it approved by this community.

The 1st and Last Subnets are dropped according to Cisco standards ?

When taking test if Im asked to assign e0 to 1st useable IP of first subnet do I assume the first subnet is void and move to the next ?

IE: First IP ?

Thanks for the Help


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    Traditionally, zero-subnet and all-ones-subnet were reserved. However, Cisco routers can be configured to override that using the command "ip subnet-zero". This command is enabled by default since IOS version 12.0. It means that you can use the two subnets by default for IOS v12.0 or above.
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    But, for the purposes of the CCNA exam, the first and last subnet are not available unless the questions states otherwise
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