Job interview tomorrow-Not sure what to think---Need input

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Currently a lead/supervise a team of 6 help desk pros at a large account via a contract(1yr left of 2yr contract) with possible extension, where we support everything from bes to print servers, ad, etc and I do enjoy the job, but feel the company I work for has no plans for upward movement for myself. Currently at salary at 45k, but probably put in 45 hrs a week and have been a couple 100 hr weeks. I feel burnt out a little and feel not very appreciated.


A friend of mine from another company calls me up last week and states that the company he works for is hiring a help desk MANAGER to expand the help desk so I jump all over it. I call the CEO(Small Company) and we have a chat for about 20 mins. He seems super excited and asks me to come in for an interview tomorrow( I know they are not interviewing others right now and are looking to hire ASAP) so I am excited but see below for the bad. Currently 50 total employees, 3 support staff and they are growing like crazy. New software they developed is blowing up. Plan on being at 100 employees and 10 support staff by the end of the summer and 250 employees by Jan 1


This is an external support gig Full time managing support of custom software that this company develops so I would be doing AD support but no hands on that I know of and it seems like customer service more than IT.

The dilemma

I do want to get into management, but is this to niche? I mean will it force me to be software support management as opposed to CIO down the road and or SR Manager of AD, BES, etc? Also the pay increase is very significant(Could be 80k salary) I would like to know what others on this form think. I know it is what I want to do in the end, but I cannot be so focused on the pay that I forget that I do have a career to tend to.
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    Management experience will not hurt future management related roles.

    Sounds like you may be in a decision making role, and have the chance to influence some technology choices as they grow.

    If the salary is really going to be almost double what you currently make, I'd think that'd be hard to pass up.
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