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If I were going to set up a lab to prepare for the CCNA exam and get some good hands-on experience what model of router and switch should I purchase? I want this to be a fully functioning lab and I don't want the equipment to be out of date or end-of-life in a month. Any input you can give would be appreciated.


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    you will need 2 x2500 models (my choice is 2501) and 1 x1900 switch with enterprise IOS. be sure routers are upgraded to ver 12 IOS to do this you will need 16mb Dram and the 16mb of flash. also make sure u get all the parts u will need transceivers, and serial dce/dte cables. this lab should run no more than 200-300 US

    depending on your budget get 2600's routers and 2950 switch

    if u got alot to spend get 3620 routers and 3550 switches.. these will be a long time before it expires
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    Just one question, the switch part of the exam isn't all based on 2950?
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    yes and no.. there may be questions based on either the 1900 or 2950
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    its unlikely you will get any lab sims anyway. A couple of 2500 is sufficient 3 is even better.
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    for ccna 2 2500s and a 1900 is fine...I wouldn't worry about more expensive equipment unless you plan on using it for other certs.

    Or you could buy the new Boson Netsim CCNP that is in Beta right now. It is currently 250.00 but it will be right at 500.00 when the full version is out...if you buy now you get the upgrades for free. I bought a copy for the times that I do not have connection to my rack at home. I am pretty impressed with the new version. Not to mention all the labs you can design your self with it. I didn't like earlier versions as much....but this one is pretty cool...

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