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I gotta rant here about this guy who claimed that he knows what he was doing, and it kind of pissed me off. A few days ago on Facebook, I read his status on the newsfeed, and this guy was trying to make a Windows program run on Mac (it's actually a Hackintosh) and spent more than three hours trying to make it work. I told him it is not that hard to do. You can use either Bootcamp or a virtual machine. He said it wasn't exactly what he was trying to do, and he was concerned that it proably woudn't work on his "Mac." So I gave up, and told him good luck with what he was trying to do. I thought he would be smart enough to figure this out on his own without a sweat. I mean... anyone who can build a Hackintosh should have no problem.

Then today he tagged me in a snapshot of his desktop with the follow message:
"Finally a Desktop that runs both mac and windows application on a Snow Leopard 10.6.7 OSX. No bootcamp, no virtual machine, no VMware. just the way it should be. The only problem is windows does not display the number of core and graphic card correctly, but runs like it should."

At first I was stumped, because he said he did it without a virtual machine until I did a little research. I figured he was using Parallel. This is the comment I posted on his picture:
"Oh my gosh. You're still an idiot. You're still using virtualization technology regardless. As a matter of fact, you're using Parallels, which is a virtual machine! I can see the red pause symbol next to your Internet Explorer, and that indicated you're using the program. You're just running the machine in seamless mode, which I can do with Virtual Box. Here's an article on it.";

Then he wrote back:
"[Person 1] - I wish there was a theme like it with the dock. They all doesn't come out like that unless you mess with the explorer.exe

[Person 2] - Parallel 6. Right it's Coherence, going to try the crystal later don't really know what it look like.

[Me] - Im glad u do research, but there's no such thing as seamless mode, and no it's not virtual. The windows operating system run on an internal network in coherence with mac. You need to use it to know what it does. Non-apple owner and hater haha ^_^"

Sorry about the rant, but what he didn't know is that I do have a REAL Mac. Since he keeps telling me I'm wrong, I decided to give up and ask you guys what you think since I'm no OS mod freak like this guy. Is he still using virtualization or what?


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    Just look at VMWare's documentation.

    It says it right in there from the people who created it. VM, VM, VM.

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    Yeah, he's a retard, and I AM a Mac owner and user. Coherence is the same as VMWare Fusion's Unity (conceptually speaking) which is the same as VBox's Seamless mode, and so on.

    Yes, he's using virtualization.

    About the only way you're ever going to be able to run windows native apps on a Mac without virualization is if someone gets off their ass and develops an equivalent to X forwarding for Windows apps.
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    I know you can run some windows apps under Linux using WINE .
    It's more of a Kernel/API emulator than a CPU emulator.
    Technically your not emulating any hardware or installing an OS, but your still doing some translation.
    So i'm not sure how this compares to a VM on a low level, but you certainly conserve a LOT more memory running an app using WINE than under VirtualBox.
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