What DHCP Really Stands for...

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From some ProCurve documentation:
Control protocol detection – software that prevents Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing, rogue Dynamic Hose Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers and Spanning Tree root protection.


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    Incidentally DHCP also stands for "Decentralized Hospital Computer Program"

    And VISTA originally stood for "Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture"

    VistA Monograph Home
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    Asif Dasl wrote: »
    Here's a man configuring DHCP!


    That looks more static than dynamic.
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    That looks more static than dynamic.

    FIXED.. Now it's dynamic...

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    I agree with the documentation, rogue dynamic hoses are dangerous and should be blocked.
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    From some ProCurve documentation:

    Sorry to derail the DHCP discussion but you said ProCurve documentation. Are you currently working on those certifications? If so, where are you getting your material for this?

    I am working on my HP AIS: Network Infrastructure and I can't seem to find any published works on this. I have some experience in working with HP ProCurve networking equipment and a few free classes I found on HPs site but that's it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    No, sorry. Just something I came accross by accident.
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    No, sorry. Just something I came accross by accident.

    Lol! icon_lol.gif THIS IS CLASSIC! I didn't expect someone to come here to sidetrack the discussion. Keeps up the good humors.
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    I'm guessing the same guy wrote this: 18-Dynamic Hose Testing Flyer

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