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Hi guys!

How long do you think the scja would take a total newbie to complete?

The reason why I am asking is not because I want to rush the learning process and get certified and then forget everything, the reason I want to get the scja quickly is so that I can show my current employer that we don't have to outsource the software development of our business...

Please let me know your thoughts and comments...

Kind Regards,
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    Are you a complete newbie to Java? The Java certs are to prove how proficient you already are in Java programming, which takes a few years of continually working in Java to master. Achieving a software certification does not make you an experienced programmer.

    If your boss doesn't already have a team of experiences Java developers in-house, s/he has no choice but to out-source your development needs, or hire experienced programmers. Any other options would be a waste of time and money.
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  • davidspirovalentinedavidspirovalentine Posts: 352Member
    Yeah, I guess your right... I am a total newbie... I have network engineering down cold but as far as writing code goes I'm a newbie...

    I will just keep at it and put the Java certs on the side for a while (a long while)...

    Kind Regards,
    Failure is a stepping stone to success...
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