Hardware issue?

j-manj-man Member Posts: 143
Here's the situation.

I fired up a 2651xm with a WIC-1T in slot W0 and connected it via DCE-DTE cable to a 2620xm. No fancy configs on either router just ip addy, clock rate (on the 2651 yes I did check the cable to make sure I had the DCE end right) and no shutdown. No dice.

I tried the WIC-1T from the 2651 in another router I have and it worked great. Same with the cable. Rules out card and cable.

The next step was moving the WIC from W0 to W1 in the 2651 and lo and behold, HDLC and SLARP did what it's supposed to and I got a good ping.

To verify W0 being the possible culprit, I moved the WIC back to W0 and no dice.

I'm strongly thinking my W0 port on the 2651 is dodgy.

Any thoughts?
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