Exception Error during IOS upload (3560 Switch)

higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882
Hi all,

So I setup my TFTP / FTP server (3COM) on my XP dev laptop to my 3560 switch and TFTP would not work giving me an error saying could not open file or something along those lines. So I tried FTP and the system came back with the following error:

unexpected exception to CPUVector 2000

the moment this crash happened the switch rebooted and went through post. Going through some of the info that was appearing on the screen at the time:

%PLATFORM-1-CRASHED: Debug exception (could be null pointer dereference) exception (0x2000)

I am confused, is the bin file bad or is their something wrong with the whole transfer processes?

I setup a port on my switch to VLAN2 and set the ip to that VLAN to and then I configured my laptops connection to with my default gateway being A connection was established and I was able to ping the pc from the switch and visa versa.

Before I did all this I double checked if I had enough space in flash. I took notice that their was only 3 meg of space so I deleted an old IOS that was not being used and it gave me a total of 12 meg free space.


  • higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882
    So FTP does not work on the switch. TFTP is working but now I get errors received from peer. retrys to connect (the tftp server) and when it does it starts sending the files but failes about 75% through and I get like four 0000's and cancels transmission. =/


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