Scheduled Task and Batch File

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Working with a customer who has a batch file. The batch file executes and pulls a bunch of files from a program, zips them, and uploads them to an ftp site. This was setup under a user as a scheduled task and would execute without issue every night at 1 AM. That user got promoted and got a new computer. It was still running under them when we received a request to make a new user for it to run under. Created the new user and the scheduled task was still there. Since creating the new user it has not run successfully. I've recreated the task, moved the task to a server instead of desktop, and attempted using a third party application for the scheduled task. It appears that the file gets launched, but just stays in a running state not actually doing anything.

The vendor has looked at it and says everything is setup properly, yet it still does not run successfully. Any idea why a batch file would "launch" via a scheduled task, but not actually "run"? I logged in and the log for the third party app says it launched, but at 30 minutes it hadn't actually ran. If I log into the computer and manually launch the batch file, it does what it is suppose to. Thanks in advance!
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    I suspect the app is waiting for the new user to accept a license agreement on first launch, or something of that sort. If possible, try to run the batch under this new user's credentials and see what happens.

    P.S. By the app I mean tools used within the script, like WinZip or pstools
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    Did you check the schedule log? If it is a problem with the task, you should see an error logged.

    I had a relatively similar issue when scheduling a task to run on multiple PCs, the task ran a batch file which silently installed a version of Solidworks PDM.

    This was my issue and resolution:

    Scheduled task does not run after you push the task to another computer
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