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hy all :)
i have 3 2950 Switches, and i'm trying to connect them with gns3 routers.
1. Is it possible to connect more than 1 router to the physical switch? ( i believe i need more NIC cards, but i'm not sure, don't want to buy 3 NIC cards for nothing ) :) I have atm 2 NIC cards, 1 for the labs, testing purposes, and 1 for my internet connection, that get's an ip using PPPoE from my ISP
2. can i setup the switch to be as a DHCP server, and get IP address from my ISP using PPPoE? or only routers can do this?

and the last thing i am asking, can some1 help me with some topologies, for practice, using 3 routers and gns3? i'm not so good with creativity when i'm designing labs ;P


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    1. Yes, you'll need multiple NIC's. There's a few quad-port NIC's you can get cheap on ebay.

    2. No, switches cannot do NAT, and besides that, the 2950 wouldn't be able to route the traffic anyway.

    And for labs, try freeccnaworkbook.com, gns3-labs.com, gns3vault.com, or one of the free downloadable lab manuals in the CCNA FAQ sticky.
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