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Well not sure whether i to post this topic out here . But well here we go , after completing my CCNA recently i got a good job with a service provider and i'm damn happy about this oppurtunity . Right now i'm on the monitoring desk and not much to grasp as you people who worked in that position know . Life looks interesting once i get into first LINE !! But before that i want to learn many things to make myself ready for it when the position is up for grabs . So i wanted to know whether their are any good WAN TECHNOLOGY books that you guys would like me to know that . And i always thought CCNP was ideal way to move on after CCNA . But right now it looks like CCIP is better considering the service provider i'm working for , but people usually say get a CCNP then branch out . So what do you think about the this scenario ?



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    Ask your employer a lot of questions as far as what their needs are but don't throw yourself in one direction simply because they make you think that's what you need to do. Take a good look at what they are doing and what they need and compare that with other prospective employers in your job market to find out where things are similar and focus on improving yourself in those areas. The key to being employed in IT is to be a jack of all trades but to still be a solid worker when it comes to specific things. Having general certs might make your resume look nice, but it's very specific things that get you hired and keep you on the job when it comes to networking. It's not uncommon to find job ads with VERY specific technologies, hardware, and software knowledge so research accordingly.
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    Why not do both?

    A CCIP would be more "valuable" if you are in a mpls/bgp/qos environment. I know of at least 1 person who did the CCIP instead of CCNP and a many people who have done both. I plan to snatch both up at some point (CCNP first for me though).
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    well the thing is they gonna put me into this new project from august , meanwhile i will be assigned different ongoing project to get my hands going till then . From what i have heard is that our new project is moving their base from cisco to alcatel . so what do you think is my future course action from here . i thought of doing ccnp-route and get a hold of BGP and then go and complete my CCIP to get a good grasp . Ain't this a better plan . Btw i don't think their are any certifications of alcatel ?
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