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Has anyone else noticed that if you search for anything to do with HP's IT Resource Centre (or ITRC forums as they call it) via Google, it just lands you on HP Community - Enterprise Business Community | HP Online Forum - Enterprise Business Community | HP Online Forum . This page says you are now on the new forums home page and HP have successfully completed the migration from ITRC to these new forums. If you search within the new forums, it says no results found.

Called up HP Support, and of course they have no freaking idea! icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif

Seriously HP, WTF? This has been happening for more than a couple of days now. So it's not just that Google need to reindex their search functionality.

Rant over.
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    Yeah, they can really suck sometimes. We have HP Channel Services accounts that we use to order warranty and non-warranty parts and it can act up quite a bit.

    I do like their laptops though. Built solid and not toyish looking like a lot of Dells that I see.
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    I just got off a call with one their district managers last week. Told them how much of a hassle it was ordering direct, not getting follow up communication from my rep, etc...and that their website is less than appealing. (Try looking at the government pages compared to other parts of their site and competitors like Dell.) And despite their denial, my rep changes every 6-12 months...making it harder to track down the right person.

    Never straying from my awesome rep at CDWG again. Only reason I did was because they didn't have the new Elitebook 8760w listed yet.

    Products themselves are fine.

    Anyway, if you submit a complaint to them...you'll likely get a call by next day from someone wanting to hear your story. Last week was the second time in 3 years I've done it.
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    If you intend on servicing HPs in your domain domain you should really consider buying support through their resellers like Ingram Micro, Synnex, or SHI. That is the route HP really wants you to take anyway and if you call the second two you actually get North American support. I am sold on HP quality as a general rule, I used to support dells primarily and then with this company we support HPs. I heart HP almost to a fanboy nature now, servers are proliants and switches are procurves icon_smile.gif
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