Do High School and College % Matters?

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Hey guys,thanks for your Dedicated help in my posts,please help me here too:
1.I was a Regular School student in 12th,but due to some reasons i was forced to leave Regular School and i had to do my 12th from Open School Board,NIOS:National Institute Of Open Schooling.
2.Do universities matter?
I am currently pursuing BCA from a Regular College and the University in our India is Blamed as very bad!!
Since i have turned 19 years of age,i have no option left for changing my current College due to Financial Reasons.
I am Planning to work in U.S.A. after i get my Job!
Does Government asks about reasons for not attending Regular School/does it matters for Computer Jobs regarding Open School matters etc??
It matters that the student must be passed from the Top University for Jobs??
Only Regular College is Sufficient?


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    I've never been asked about my high school grades. I've been asked about college but never about my grades while in college. I've also never worked for the government so they may be a little different in their hiring process.
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    As long as the college is appropriately accredited the government shouldn't have an issue with your degree. Certain private sector employeers might (some have certain universities on a preferential recruiting list...I know mine does) but there's nothing you can do about that.
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    It's about what you can prove, not what you've done. I left school after 9th grade. Basically said F@.gif it and walked out (longer story but not relevant to the OP). Tried college, hated it - tried the Air Force, hated it. I found a niche I was good in and kept at it. Field engineering/service. At my last job I was making about $45,000 + massive overtime and benefits that pushed it to 60-70k. I knew what I was doing and I was good at it, the employer knew this and a degree wouldn't of helped one bit.
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    Sad to say; some employers will evaluate a job seeker on his education credentials. Having Harvard, Yale or some other "prestigous" university listed on one's resume will make them stick out from the rest, but it means nothing if the applicant can't produce on the job.

    You might get knocked for acquiring a degree outside of the USA but I'm sure that someone will give you a chance. And when they do; show them that you are the best investment that they ever made.icon_thumright.gif
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