I passed the test!!

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Thank you everyone for good wish. I passed the test.

These are the topics covered:
- Different types of media in use and their limitations: 10 Base 2, 10BaseT, 100BaseT4, and 1000BaseTX. And connectors, like BNC and ST for fiber Optics
- Topology: Star, Ring, and Mesh
- Ports: NTP, HTTPS, Telnet etc
-one Troubleshooting step
-At leat 8 scenerios questions were on the test. I found some of them pretty confusing because not enough information was provided to troubleshoot. Use your good judgement!!
-OSI model, mainly from network, data, and physical layer
-ISDN technology, mainly 2 questions from BRI
-Importance of subnetting and classifications of Network Class range.

I hope those who are taking this test will find it helpful. Good Luck!!!


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    Excellent job!!
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    congratulations and thanks for the heads up on the test!!!! angel.gif icon_lol.gif
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    That sounds about the same as what I got. Good Job!
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Great job!! Accept my hearty congratulation :)
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