reverse proxy solutions?

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We are currently using ISA Server 2006 to publish Web servers and OWA. We are licensed for TMG 2010 and could move in that direction if possible. Not saying I don't like the solution, but there doesn't seem to be a wealth of information out there for configuring and diagnosing issues. Type in Exchange 2010 at and you'll come back with 10+ current books on the topic. For ISA, there seems to be only two and one isn't highly recommended. I get the impression this isn't a very popular technology, even though it may be a good technology.

Other than Squid, what else is out there that can act as a reverse proxy for Web, OWA, FTP and whatever else I might need to publish externally?
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    I think Palo Alto's Firewall offerings can do it, not sure though, didn't make it that far in the implementation at my old job before leaving.

    Getting an old ISA 2004 to work with Exchange 2010 was fun.

    I'm really becoming a big fan of pfSense. I've been using it for a couple of weeks, right now it is a firewall and multi-WAN load balancer. Squid is available as a package on it, and is next on my list to play around with.
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    apache http-server (also nginx and lighttpd) can be used as reverse proxy (ProxyPass directive), in front of OWA ...
    but a dedicated cache software is better IMHO (squid, varnish); at least, squid did not disappointed me as reverse proxy for many, many years
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