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Where does a young admin get training on the above......We have a 6509 in the core and one of the supervisors went down and had to be replaced. I don't know anything about the Cat/os, MSFC, flashing the modular cards etc. The experienced guys are having all the fun with it, but I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks working on the core netowork device.



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    there is no place really.. its jus a jump in kinda thing
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    Yeah, when I first took my current job, I was introduced to just how ignorant I was concerning Cisco hardware. For those of you who've just gotten your CCNA and think it's all 2600's and 2950's.... hehe boy are y'all in for a rude awakening. There is so much different Cisco hardware out there, it ain't funny.

    My personal favorites are the 7200 VXR's... they pretty...
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    Your best bet is to learn from the experienced guys. Most switches of that nature at in a core environment and can't be messed with unless you know what you are doing. Tag along with them and learn. Ask a lot of questions and maybe watch while they do an upgrade or configuration change.
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