TCP/IP Illustrated, really?

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So I am not a full time networking guy. Honestly in my new job I don't do any networking at all. But I have some experience and it's certainly still an interest.

It seems people always want me to read TCP/IP Illustrated. So I went to go order a copy, then I saw "1994". Seriously? Is this needed? I mean, was TCP/IP even close to where it is now? Can a 17 year old book really still have that much value? Certainly better books have come out covering the moderns aspects of these protocols?

I just don't want another wasted book like the LAN Protocol handbook was.


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    It's dated a bit, yeah, and it's heavily oriented towards a unix admin, and more appropriately, a unix network stack programmer. Which doesn't mean that it's full of code. It covers fundamentals and principals. And it's probably the best tcpdump tutorial on the planet.

    It's a little on the dry side, but honestly, so is every other text on TCP/IP I've ever read. It's not the most exciting topic in the world.

    I also recommend Doug Comer's TCP/IP book. I've also heard good things about No Starch Presses TCP/IP Guide, but I've not personally read the book (the online version of the book can be found at Welcome to The TCP/IP Guide!)
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    I just bought that book a few two weeks ago, but I have not read it yet. I am going to start reading it, once I start my Switch studies. Also, the new edition is coming out soon, but can't remember the release date.

    @Forsaken_GA, thanks man. I could not follow your ssh guide due to my Ubuntu desktop NIC just died, but I am able to telnet to my lab now using my console server.
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    TCP/IP Illustrated is great, especially the swimsuit issue! You should get it to check out the octets on Mrs. Class C!
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    Just saw a copy for $10 at a used book store.... Clearly I was fated to read this book.
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    I also recommend Doug Comer's TCP/IP book...

    We used that at university, excellent reference icon_thumright.gif
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    I mean, was TCP/IP even close to where it is now?

    There are some changes, but IPv4 is still IPv4 and UDP is still UDP.

    Of the protocols covered in Volume 1, the largest changes from then until now are performance enhancements in TCP. For example, selective acknowledgement is not covered -- it came around after the book was published. However unless you're doing deep work with TCP, simply knowing that it exists is probably enough. The core of TCP is the same. IPv6 might be mentioned but isn't covered in detail.

    There are other protocols that are described accurately, but the protocols themselves are not of great interest today (SLIP).
    Certainly better books have come out covering the moderns aspects of these protocols?

    There is an updated second edition coming out later this year. You might check into the differences and see if you'd rather wait, but I think the first edition is still worth reading in 2011.
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