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So the hurricane came and went, as expected not too much damage in my area. We did lose power at about 9:00 PM on Saturday night and it didn't return till 3:00 AM on Sunday. As I sat there, we took to playing some card games till that got old. I had to say thank god for Verizon Wireless. I was using my phone to check to make sure family and friends were safe (through Facebook, plus I have a friend at the power company who was posting updates :). It occurred to me that I had rooted my phone, so I turned on my wireless tether and we surfed for hours. Anyone else have some fun stories to report from their time with the hurricane? I will say, given the weather we've be having I'm not too excited for winter. Going to look into setting up a generator to at least keep the fridge and freezer going (maybe the tv, cable box, and the modem too!).
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