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I have just recently taken the 640-607 exam and regret to inform you that I did not pass. I got an 809 on the test itself. Close but not close enough.

My question is, "Is there any certain way to do the router simultations? Is there a format that should be followed or is the method of just get from point A to point B anyway that you can feasible?"

Another question.

How many points are the simulations worth? Is there a specific point range?



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    I'm sorry to hear you didn't pass.

    I haven't taken the 640-407 myself yet, still got a year before I need to re-certify for CCNA and Cisco just renewed their Confidentiality Agreement which doesn't allow you to 'any communication, including verbal communication regarding or related to the Exam')
    icon_exclaim.gif This new agreement is an indirect result of braindumps...

    Anyway I don't have any first hand info but, I'm told that you get points for the final result of the simulation, not how you get there. Are your sure you failed the simulations?

    Good luck on your next try!
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    yeah i know how ya feel, i failed last week! got 839! icon_redface.gif ((god damn network management let me down)) the simulations are worth more than the others on the 640-607 exam. and to answer your other question there isnt 1 way to program the router just make a way that u remember your self

    i.e. set passwords on vty console, then go to interfaces ect, that way you dont forget about anything!

    good luck on the re-take
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    hey i have taken the new ccna exam and passed the first try. i guess i can't really say what was on there about the simulators but there are simulators out there to practice with. i went through the ccna academy at ecpi. i must say the hands on experience does wonders. there is a virtual lab trainer by sybex that you can buy which will do wonders for you. i think its called sybex ccna virtual lab and ccna virtual gold edition. these 2 cd's will help alot in preparing you for the test. also cisco put those lab simulators in there to try to weed out the paper certs. this way you can't just study the troy tec study guides and go take the test and pass. now you need hands on training. i recommend getting these virtual lab trainers. good luck.
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    I think u have to try Boson Router Simulator at boson.com and Router eSim by Cisco. There are some Labs can help you!

    good luck!
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