AppleTalk still relevant on test?

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**nevermind - found an old post that said it is no longer on the tests. I did search first, but didnt find anything. oh well ;)*****


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    cmccul002 wrote: »
    Seems to be quite a few sub-protocols included in the Appletalk protocol. (AARP,ADSP,AFP,ATP etc,)

    Are these still relevant? Do they still question these on CCNA or Net+??

    They shouldn't on CCNA. They might on Net+.

    Ah desktop protocols. I remember the day in 1999 when the CCIE was shiny and new. We had a 'desktop protocols' component to the lab exam. Back then there were a myriad of proprietary protocols that needed TCP/IP or TCP/IP encapsulation to make it to the internet. IPX, Banyan Vines, IPX/SPX, DECnet, Appletalk.

    But things move on. Expect Appletalk to be erased except in areas where developers or photoshop geeks use Apple and kept the network professionals far away from their network because they thought they knew better. On that note as a network professional, be ready for legacy protocols such as DLSW+ to handle IBM mainframe, ISDN, dial and all the above. It's lurking somewhere. The certs drop it because the vendors want you to move with the times and buy new gear but the reality is different. The world, in some cases belongs to those who know *old* things. They will not be learned by the young who study according to the latest books. Pick up old books on Amazon. For the price of a happy meal you will learn STUN, ATM, ISDN, Appletalk, IPX/SPX, Decnet, DLSW+, SRB etc.

    You might not need a book on that, until you need it ;)
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    If you want protocol fun
    try doing tcpip over canbus (not canbus over tcpip)

    max can payload is 8bytes so it takes rather a few can packets to handle a tcpip packet

    can over tcpip gets used on some aircraft for engine control and indication
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