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I am doing a project based on network security which involves both layer 2 and 3 devices. I want to show AAA (Radius/TACACS+) config,to avoid Mac Spoofing attacks, to avoid CAM Overflow attacks. I want to implement this in WLAN. I have already started with these topics and need some help on implementation.
I want to build a network scenario in Packet Tracer 5.3/OPNET where I can show these features. Whenever TACACS server is used it encrypts the entire packet while Radius server only encrypts the password? and can I capture the packets using Wireshark in Packet tracer or which other tools are useful to show Mac Spooking, CAM Table overflow attacks.

* I am only limited to simulators for my projects due to very limited time....

If anyone got any ideas please let me know.:)


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    Wouldn't you get better results using GNS3?
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    You definitely cannot use a packet capture program such as Wireshark in conjunction with Packet Tracer, though I believe that it may have it's own packet capture capability built in. If it does, it won't be as robust as Wireshark.

    As mamono said, GNS3 would be a better choice for this. You can use Wireshark to capture packets within your GNS3 topology. The learning curve for GNS3 is much steeper, but in the end it'll be worth it with all the additional capabilities it gives you.
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    thank you for the information..:D
    But I will be doing my project on OPNET modeler.... I have already implemented 802.1x/EAP/MD5 and need some help to config 802.1x/EAP/TLSand PEAP
    so that I can compare this authentications techniques for throughput, delay, and packet drop...

    icon_rolleyes.gifDo you or anyone here can show me how to implement 802.1x/EAP-TLS and EAP-PEAP on OPNET Modeler..

    for 802.1x MD5 i have defined a custom application showing the exchange of the authentication messages between supplicant/authenticator/authentication server
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