Logging Through console port to Syslog Server

FuturaFutura Member Posts: 191
Does anybody know if its possible to log from the console port to a kiwi syslog server?

I specifically want to use the console port, I have a laptop connected via com1 to the console port, kiwi and terraterm installed on the laptop and I want to debug to the laptop. I have the User mode and Enable mode passwords.

Many Thanks


  • shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    well a syslog server is going to be IP based and logging to the console will be coming out of the conole which isn't IP based. So in a since your syslog server which is lisenting on a certain port "514" won't see anything coming to it. You can get the debugs through the console to display in your terminal session, but to get to the syslogs server you may want to plug in wtih a roll over calble assign a IP adress and get your logs that way
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