ccent passed

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just gave the ccent and passedicon_cheers.gif

Advice for the prospective exam takers

*******have a hands on experience which is crucial

*****strong foundation of how layer2/layer3 addresses traverse in a network(coz they will test you on that a lot) .
***** for the sims only basic show commands are required to be known and also how to interpret the parameters mentioned in that
***** good understanding on line console and line vty login/password issues (encryption blah blah)

Overall my personal opinion is CCENT/ICND1 is on the easier side.Now looking forward to ICND2. icon_cool.gif


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    Thank you all ........

    @NightShade03 :definitely raring to give my ICND2 for CCNA cert........but before that let me study first....
  • DevilryDevilry Member Posts: 668
    Congrats, what lab gear did you use?
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    Congrats! Good luck on ICND2!
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    Awesome! Congrats saikchak, another valuable testimonial, and good luck on the second exam.
    Right now, I am into deciding whether I should go for this cert or stick w a Linux- related cert, and if I go for CCNA- should I take the two exams or the single one. Personally, I lean towards the single exam approach, but it may be too big of a byte.
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    Devilry wrote: »
    Congrats, what lab gear did you use?

    I didnt use any lab gear coz while preparing I had no idea of existence of gsn3 or packet tracer.....I am currently supporting/care phase of a VOIP server for a telecom service provider where I had to provision multiple cisco/juniper/extreme switches+routers and also maintaining the overall i thought since I am provisioning production server/routers lets make it official by getting a cert from cisco.icon_rolleyes.gif
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