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Hey guys,So what do you guys recommend the day before the exam? I'm taking my exam Monday and I'm freaking out trying to cram in the bits of knowledge that I thought I was clear on, but I been taking the boson test simulator and have been getting questions wrong that I know I've gotten right before. Am I overloading myself and making stupid mistakes? Those who have passed, what have you done to summarize your studies?


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    You are probably overloading yourself. The ICND1 isn't too intensive honestly (as long as you know your stuff) Take it easy. Go over your SHOW COMMANDS for everything and SUBNETTING. The ICND1 focuses mostly on those two. Everything else will be basic network+ stuff.
    As for Boson, whatever you get wrong look it up and review it. Boson is harder than the actual exam.

    Good luck. You can do it man. icon_thumright.gif
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    I would say light study. Its a bit late to be taking in large amounts of information. Night before my icnd1 I played xbox as well as the morning hours before it.
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    Oh cisco_kid, the night before the exam you should be in bed :D
    But you SHOULD do some lightning- speed reviews just before the exam.
    I don't have the CCNA cert so I am telling what helped me passing those LPIC exams.
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    I logged on here to find the same answer!
    Got 640-802 on Tuesday, I'm working late tomorrow so I wont have any time to study so I've just downed some red bull to see how much I can cram tonight as I feel as if I'm going to fail, I'm actually tempted to reschedule it, but trying to get the day off work for the exam is too much trouble!
    Good luck cisco_kid!
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    So does everyone feel like they're going to fail going into the exam and find it was easy peas y?
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