Document Redirection Issue in SBS

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I had to change an account name of a user now he can't access his my documents folder. Folder redirection is enabled by default on SBS 2003 and when I check his my documents folder it's still pointing to the old account name. How do I get it to point to the new account name? Please help.


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    Check the event log on the user's system, do you see any errors related to redirection? My guess is that it is not processing the redirection because it is attempting to copy the files from the old location to the new location. Try disabling the move contents ... part of the policy and see if that fixes it up. If not then you'll need to redirect that user back to the local profile then redirect back to the share. Make sure the move contents ... part of the policy is turned off until they've picked up the new location correctly.
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    Check the profile tab in AD users. SBS 2003 set the document redirection folder to \\SBS server\user\%username%.
    if you changed the username it is probably looking at %username% = new username and the documents are still in the old username folder.
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