The Kid Still Got It!

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So when I moved to night shift, I was super excited. Over a year taking tons of calls/tickets a day a little break was in order. But one thing I worried about (still worried about) was whether or not it was going to affect my troubleshooting skills. I always felt I was very good a troubleshooting and knew that a lack of calls would probably dull those skills a bit. Well, I just worked on two tickets and assisted a senior engineer, the kid still got it. Two were just desktop issues and I was able to troubleshoot both (one I had to hand off to a senior engineer, the other I resolved). But there was a senior engineer still in the office when I arrived today and he was hunkered down. I asked what was going on and he explained that he was reinstalling Citrix Secure Gateway to see if it would correct an issue he was having. Figuring I couldn't help, I did the polite thing and said if he needed any help come on over. About an hour later he walked over and asked if he could have another set of eyes take a look. So he explains that the site wasn't reachable from any other device, except where it was hosted. He said he added an entry to the host file so it would resolve correctly and that he could ping it without issue. Pull up IE on anything besides that server and you get page cannot be displayed. At first I figured it was a DNS issue of some kind, but then he says he did a netstat and was able to connect. He was showing just a SYN being sent, so it didn't appear to me that he was building the entire connection. So I asked, is the firewall on the server? He said he checked and it wasn't, but he'll look again (kudo's to looking again). What did he find? The firewall was off to everything, but internal machines on the network. Turned that off and bam connection completes hello Citrix Secure Gateway.

Seems it is just like riding a bike, oh and thanks CCNA studying!
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