Packet tracer VTP and Rapid spanning tree

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I've noticed in packet tracer that if you only have one switch in vtp server mode and the rest in client while using rapid spanning tree then you get what appears to be switching loops or broadcast storms and all of the ports are forwarding with none of them blocking. Regular spanning tree works fine if you only have one vtp server but for some reason if you use rapid spanning tree you need to have at least to switches in VTP server mode. is this how it is with all cisco switches or is it a packet tracer glitch that I should ignore?
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    Packet Tracer is really buggy. I have no faith in that program.
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    I'm with Monkerz, I've had too many issues with that program.

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    GNS3 is probably the best route.
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    Sounds like the switches are using PVST+ I ran into the same problem. Power cycle the switches fixed it for me.
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    It is a glitch. I noticed it when I was messing around in packet tracer configuring edge ports and such. It locks the switches up. You have to leave it in PVST+
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