Packet Tracer Can Be So Cruel Sometimes

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Wow! I have to say I'm thankful for having my real labs just in case. I was working on Dynamic NAT with PAT overloading, and I tried configuring them in Packet Tracer. Although the pings were successful, but when I check the router that was performing the translation, the show ip nat statistics command was telling me that my hits and misses are the same and they are higher than 1. I also get many lines in the show ip nat translations output, which was peculiar. I expected to get one miss due to ARP and dynamic NAT learning the mapping. So, I had no idea where I went wrong. I decided to pull out one of the NAT lab practices from Pearson Education's Network Simulator since I trusted it not to have any errors. I followed the exercise and did a show run on all routers to see if I am missing any configurations. I was trying to duplicate the lab in Packet Tracer, and it still failed. I would hate to learn that the Network Simulator is just as flawed as Packet Tracer. That was not the case after I decided to give this NAT exercise one more try with real hardware. I have been using Packet Tracer, because of how convenience it is to set up almost virtually any network I want to create and save resources rather than sitting in front of my desktop all day. So, after I configured the hardware by using the exercise I tried earlier, the NAT works the way it is suppose to be. icon_cheers.gif I only have 1 line in the show ip nat translations output. So, I am just letting the TE community that they may go through hell if PT drive them nuts. I almost lost my head. Another thing I noticed is that the route redistribution command did not work for me. Maybe I configured it correctly, but I tried following a pretty straightforward guide, and I failed. I'm using PT 5.3 in case you guys are wondering.


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