Default routing using GNS3

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Hello guys, I have this topology and at the moment i am trying to configure my Router so I can talk to the internet. In this topology, I want to use my physical router, which is to be my last resort for the routing. Can I do that? I want to be able to ping Well, at first I want to be able to ping to its IP address, once that successful, I will at the DNS server to ping with the name.
I can ping from my computer that is hosting GNS3 and from GNS3 to my computer fine. I can use SDM to config my GNS3 router so there should be connection between my GNS3 router and my linksys router. My network is like this. Linksys WAN 24.206.xx.xx --- Linksys WLAN --- PC ---GNS3 Router


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