802.1x Implementation on OPNET

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I am doing my masters project on 802.1x/EAP/MD5/TLS. I need some help regarding how shall I implement this in OPNET Modeler. I have already tried to implement MD5 by creating a Custom Application in Application definition as OPNET does not support the 802.1x protocol.

The main part of the project is to implement EAP MD5/TLS in WLAN and comparing them on the basis of throughput, delay and response time. I know that TLS will be best to implement on WLAN though it can cause more delay and low throughput as compared to MD5. This I need to show through graphs in OPNET Modeler. I appreciate if someone can give any suggestions or someone who has already worked on similar project.:D


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    EAP-MD5? Slightly dated.

    I'd set it up and maybe run iPerf over the WLAN to throughput or pings to test latency.
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    Need some information regarding Cisco Secure ACS Server. When I tried to download it from the cisco website it indicates that Service contract should be associated with my CISCO ID and it won't let me download it without the contracticon_sad.gif. If I need to purchase the service contract how will it cost me and can't I get the evaluation versiong of CISCO ACS without that.icon_wink.gif

    I need ACS for CCNA security and for my project work.icon_study.gif
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