2650xm boot loop question

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Updated the IOS on a 2650xm I have and ran into an issue where it basically loops at boot a few times, then boots to rommon. There are no errors--the router gets to the "program load complete, entry point: 0x80008000, size: 0x20fb6e8" point, then does not decompress the image.

There are no errors indicating a corrupted image or anything of that nature, it simply repeats the bootstrap information and platform/memory specs a few times, then drops to rommon. I tried tftpdnld back to a known working image and it's the same thing- no errors, just a 3-4 time loop, and it drops to rommon.

If anyone has any insight on this, I'd appreciate the help. I've googled for a couple hours with no luck (maybe I should bing? :P). Anyway, lot of folks here have a lot more experience with this, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks.


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    Have any spare flash to swap in and reload ios to ?
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    Was some bad ram. I got it replaced and the issue is fixed. Sadly, 2 of the 4 sticks I bought were no good, so we'll see how the return process goes.
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    In hindsight, what happened was pretty straightforward- when I updated the IOS, everything went fine, the IOS was in flash and was not corrupted, etc. However, the fact that I had previously added a stick of ram meant that when the IOS went to decompress, it was unable to due to the bad ram. I didn't get an error at this point, it simply looped. It wasn't until I got an error with the 2nd stick of ram that I was able to understand what was happening. For reference, in case anyone runs into it, the error I had with the 2nd ram module was a "Software Emulation Exception", along with some garbage characters. After playing around with the other sticks of ram I had purchased, I confirmed that any router I loaded those 2 sticks of ram into would loop at boot and/or throw the emulation exception error.

    Anyway, just following up on this in case anyone has similar issues. Learned a lot from going through the different ios recovery from rommon procedures, etc. Good thing that it happened, but it slowed me down a little. Almost got my lab put together now...just in time to keep me warm during the cool nights ahead. :p
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    Had similar problems from bad flash and dirty simm sockets

    cold ? Just starting to warm up here - Sydney - still rather cold for october 13 to 20*C today
    It'll warm up wed and the rest of the week ~ 15 to 25 and 15 to 30*C

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